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Problems when loading XML

16 October 2007 iby 0

A load will not work if the document contains a DTD / Schema definition where the validation file cannot be found! Ex. a XML containing the following will not be able to be loaded because […]

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XML in Navision

12 October 2007 iby 2

In Navision there are 2 ways to handle XMLs. In all versions it is possible to use the automation Microsoft XML and from Navision 4 it is possible to use XML ports. XML ports are […]

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XML Schemas & DTDs

11 October 2007 iby 0

XML are validated with a DTD or with an XML Schema. Document Type Definition (DTD) defines the legal elements of an XML Document. <!DOCTYPE note SYSTEM “external.dtd”> <root> XML Schema is an XML-based alternativ to […]

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XML Rules

10 October 2007 iby 0

Following rules must be applied when working with XML: Single, unique root element Matching open/close tags Consistent capitalisation Correctly nested elements (no overlapping elements) Attribute values enclosed in quotes No repeating attributes in an element

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XML syntax

9 October 2007 iby 0

XML documents must contain a root element. All other elements must be nested within the root element. All elements can have sub (children) elements. Elements with sub elements are also called Nodes.

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What is XML?

8 October 2007 iby 0

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language XML is a markup language like HTML XML provides a uniform method for describing and exchanging structured data Describes structure and semantics, not formatting XML focuses on providing information […]