Windows Runtime Debugger

23 April 2009 iby 0

If you have installed Visual Studio you will notice the Windows Runtime Debugger has been replaced with the “Just-In-Time Debugger”. Sometimes this is Ok, but if you are running jobs that need to be running […]

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Reconfiguring a 64bit IIS to use 32bit ASP

13 September 2008 iby 1

I just installed the ExpandIT Online Connector on a Server which is running the 64bit version of Windows 2003. The Installation went well – and everything seams to be running – until I noticed, that […]

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What happend to Vista’s defrag?

20 April 2008 iby 0

Like or not – but so far as I can see, Microsoft has downgraded the defragmentation functionality in Vista. First, the user interface has changed. There is no progress bar, no elapsed time and no […]

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XP with 4 GB RAM

5 March 2008 iby 0

Many people will tell you that it is not possible to run at 32 bit version of XP with more than 3 GB Ram. They say that XP would not recognize the Ram above the […]

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View your IP address

20 October 2007 iby 0

A quick way to view your IP address is by using the command IPCONFIG. Just start a command prompt: Start -> Run -> Cmd and then type:

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Shutdown XP Faster

17 October 2007 iby 0

When XP is shutting down it checks that all applications and services are shut down. Sometimes, some of the services are not shutting down, thus XP gives them time to shut down on its own. […]

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What is FTP

29 September 2006 iby 0

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files between computers on a Network. There a several ways to use ftp – here are some of them: From a command prompt – by using the […]

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