Cyber Security

Next wave is in progress

13 October 2019 iby 0

For a while I have had an auto block of IPs running on my Server. Out of curiosity I had the script sent me log mails containing IPs, no. of attempts to login and the […]

How to kill tasks in PowerShell

6 January 2019 iby 0

If you are an “old” school IT guy as I am, then you would know tasklist  and taskkill, which can be executed from the command prompt.  You would often use these to get a list […]


Resize image in NAV 2018

27 August 2018 iby 0

For a period there was an issue with printing images in reports. They all look kind of distorted / scrambled. After a while I figured out that the reason for this was the image size […]


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

13 May 2018 iby 0

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulation on personal data protection that unifies data protection laws across all European Union. The GDPR applies to all businesses handling EU citizens’ data – which […]

NAV 2018 – Crashing the debugger!

10 December 2017 iby 0

Did you know that you can crash the debugger? Just make some “dump” code that uses functions meant for AL and voila you have a weird error and a crash. I wanted to play around […]

NAV 2018 – What’s new in C/AL

7 December 2017 iby 0

Ok, I know we should be talking about AL when looking into NAV 2018 – but why not start with something for the old dinosaurs first. So what has changed in C/AL. First we got […]

Dyn NAV 2018

Dynamics NAV 2018 has been released!

1 December 2017 iby 0

Dynamics NAV 2018 has been released today, December 1st, 2017. A few of the new things are: Application Improvements such as: Easier setup – all in one place Changes in the area of import of […]

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