Playfair Cipher in Navision

16 November 2008 iby 5

As earlier mentioned I have being reading some books about Cryptology – and now its Playfairs turn to be tested in Navision 🙂 Playfair Cipher (aka. Playfair square) is a symmetric encryption technique and was […]

Caesars Cipher in Navision

21 September 2008 iby 6

Lately I have been reading some books about Cryptology and there I stumbled upon Caesars Cipher. Caesars Cipher is a very simple form of Cryptation. Its method is to replace each plaintext letter with one […]

The OSI Reference Model

12 October 2000 iby 0

The OSI Model, was formed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1982 with the goal of producing a standard reference model for hardware and software connection of digital equipment. OSI is the acronym […]