Expanding the FTP automation

19 March 2009 iby 0

In the previous post I have started the development of FTP automation. The first post did only include some basic functions such as download, upload and list. Now it’s time for some more functionality. So […]

Writing a FTP automation

15 December 2008 iby 6

Over some time I have been using a plain dos ftp from Navision. There is some advantages and some disadvantage combined with it. A advantage is, that this use does not require any third part […]

C# and Dns.GetHostEntry

3 October 2008 iby 1

I am currently building a new FTP automation for Navision. During this I discovered that Dns.GetHostEntry is not always stable.

How to listen for a Port in Navision

6 April 2008 iby 0

Have you ever needed to make Web requests to Navision? Often you then would be using either NAS or a 3’rd part product to handle these requests. Why not build your own handler 😉 All […]

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Is an application already running?

16 March 2008 iby 0

Sometimes you need to start applications from Navision. If an application already is running – you can use sendkeys as described previous to activate it, and thereby you don’t want to start it again.

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