NAV 2018 – Crashing the debugger!

Did you know that you can crash the debugger?

Just make some “dump” code that uses functions meant for AL and voila you have a weird error and a crash.

I wanted to play around with sessions and try out the new function SENDTRACETAG – couldn’t find any description of it and decided therefore to see if it could be used from C/AL with start and stop session.

When using the debugger on the codeunit with the “faulty code”, you might get an fatal error as the following:

If it breaks at the break point, then you might think that everything is fine – but this is not always the case. If you have declared a variable (doesn’t matter if its global or local) an then chooses to view them. You will get an warning about the object/variable is for AL and then everything will crash!

After this crash, I got weird errors, the debugger did not work correctly and I had to restart the service tier and my computer.

So be careful with the debugger – you might get unwanted issues due to this little “feature”.

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