Ribbon buttons for Outlook Templates

If you often use a template, then you might want a button for it directly in the ribbon.
Unfortunately you cannot assign templates to a button per default.

You can though assign macro’s to a button and we will use this feature to make ribbon buttons for templates.

First you have to make sure that you can see the developer tab – if you can not see it, then you can make it visible with right click on the Ribbon and chose Customize the Ribbon.


In the new window, make sure that Developer is marked.


In the Developer tab, chose Macros


and add a new macro.


Here you add the following code in the new sub

//Replace c:\outlook_template\MyOutLookTemplate.oft with the path to your own template
Set newItem = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("c:\outlook_templates\MyOutlookTemplate.oft")
Set newItem = Nothing

It will look like this:
Save the macro and the close the window.

Now you have create a macro that can create a mail with the chosen template.
Next thing to do, is adding the macro to the ribbon.

Chose to customize the ribbon (Right click and customize).

Here you then add a macro button


You can here also rename and add different icon to it.

That’s it now you have your macro button in the ribbon.

If you are not able to use, then this might be due to the security settings of your outlook.
In the case go to the Developer tab -> Macro security and change the security settings to:



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