Keys in SendKeys

Most keys can be represented by the character of the key itself. E.g, the key sequence HALLO can be represented simply by “HALLO”.

Some special keys, such as the control keys, function keys etc are encoded in a string enclosed by {braces}
See the table below:

Key SendKey Equivalent Description
~ {~} send a tilde (~)
! {!} send an exclamation point (!)
^ {^} send a caret (^)
+ {+} send a plus sign (+)
Alt {ALT} send an Alt keystroke
Backspace {BACKSPACE}, {BS}, or {BKSP} send a Backspace keystroke
Break {BREAK} send a Break keystroke
Caps Lock {CAPSLOCK} send a Caps Lock keystroke
Clear {CLEAR} Clear the field
Delete {DELETE} or {DEL} send a Delete keystroke
Down Arrow {DOWN} send a Down Arrow keystroke
End {END} send an End keystroke
Enter {ENTER} or ~ send an Enter keystroke
Escape {ESCAPE} or {ESC} send an Esc keystroke
F1 through F16 {F1} through {F16} send the appropriate Function key
HOME {HOME} send a Home keystroke
INSERT {INSERT} or {INS} send a Insert keystroke
LEFT ARROW {LEFT} send a Left Arrow keystroke
Page Down {PGDN} send a Page Down keystroke
RIGHT ARROW {RIGHT} send a Right Arrow keystroke
Space {SPACE} send a Spacebar keystroke
Tab {TAB} send a Tab keystroke
UP ARROW {UP} send a Up Arrow keystroke

To specify keys combined with any combination of SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys, precede the key code with
one or more of the following:

For SHIFT prefix with +
For CTRL prefix with ^
For ALT prefix with %

E.g, the key sequence SHIFT+F12 can be represented simply by “+{F12}”.

If a key has to be repeated several time, it can be done by sending the keystroke as {keystroke number}. E.g., the key sequence aaaaa can be represented simply by “{a 5}”. Be sure to include a space between keystroke and number. Also be aware of that this is not possible for combined keys – it will not be possible for ex. SHIFT+F12.

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