What happend to Vista’s defrag?

Like or not – but so far as I can see, Microsoft has downgraded the defragmentation functionality in Vista.

First, the user interface has changed. There is no progress bar, no elapsed time and no remaining time shown. Also what happened to the information about fragmentations (how fragmentated is my disc, files).

Second, Defrag is now a hidden background task! Is that a good idea? Well – if you have a computer with a lot of power, free resources and don’t mind that defrag is running while you are working on it – then well I guess its ok.

Third, is seams that defrag is now slower and not quite as effective as defrag known from XP. The new defrag does not per default defrag files which are larger the 64 mb. It also does not defrag recycle bin and files which are in use.

Ok – not everything is disappeared… a lot of the stuff has moved to the command line. So instead of a user friendly interface – you now has to use the command line.

Here are some command examples:

defrag -c Defragments all volumes on this computer.
defrag c: -a Performs fragmentation analysis only.
defrag c: -r Performs partial defragmentation (default). Attempts to consolidate only fragments smaller than 64 megabytes (MB).
defrag c: -w Performs full defragmentation. Attempts to consolidate all file fragments, regardless of their size, even 64 MB files.
defrag c: -b Optimizes boot files and applications only. Use this option during a separate defrag operation.

So what to do? Well I am not going to use Vista’s defrag. I have chosen to use at third party product, Auslogics Disk Defrag. Here I get a user friendly interface and a fast defragmentation of my discs and files 🙂

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