Starting Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC from another application

With Dynamics NAV 2009 you have now 2 possible clients. You can use the Classic client, as you know from ealier version and the new Role Tailored Client.

The Classic client can be started from another application as described in an ealier article: Starting Navision from another application.

The Role Tailored Client can use the new “protocol” DynamicsNAV for starting / calling the client.

The syntax for starting a Role Tailored Client is:


A call like this, in a browser, would start or activate a Dynamics Nav Role Tailored Client.

<ServerName>, <:Port>, <Service> and <Company> are optional. If you don’t set these parameters, the default settings from the CustomSettings.config file found in the Service directory will be used. Also if you omit any of these parameters do not remove the accompanying forward slash.

Possible commands are:

  • RunPage
  • RunReport
  • Navigate

With each command it is possible to use some parameters:



Bookmark=<This positions the cursor on a single record in a table.>

You should only use auto generated bookmarks. They are generated with the use of FORMAT(RecordRef.RECORDID,0,10).


Personalization=<a unique identification used in personalization to store settings in the User Metadata table>

Ex. RunPage?Page=22&Bookmark=8261900218



Ex. RunReport?Report=1


Node=<Service> where service is a specific page ex. Home/Customers

Ex. Navigate?Node=Home/Customers

A complete url call could look like this:

DynamicsNAV://localhost/DynamicsNAV/CRONUS International Ltd./RunPage?Page=22



As you can see, I have not used <:Port> – in this case the default port will be used, which is 7046.

Now you are able to start the Role Tailored Client from another application.

Please remember all this is only possible when the service “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services” is running.

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