Mibuso Conference 2009

Last week I did attend the Mibuso Conference in Mechelen, Belgium.

This was a very interesting Conference! On the Agenda was:
• Next Generation Unified Communications Platform
• Dynamics NAV
• Delivering Software to a Global Audience.

Next Generation Unified Communications Platform was mainly about Unified Communications. We saw a demonstration of Microsofts Office Communcations – not much new to me, because we are already using it at my work 😉

Dynamics NAV was very interesting – here I heard a lot about the future Releases of Dynamics NAV. The Next version of Dynamics NAV that will be release is Dynamcis NAV 2009 SP1. This is not just a service pack – but is in fact a whole new release with improved functionality. Just to mention some key words – improved performance, user defined views, page search, page designer wizard, report paging (equal less memory usages / load on the server) and much more to come…. I can’t wait till it will be released 🙂

Delivering Software to a Global Audience was also were interesting. I was mainly about localization – which means, it is not “just” to translate a piece of software – but you must also remember to consider the difference cultures. Take for example in the western countries it will be Ok – to have a picture of woman on the front page – in other country it might not be. Also think about the letter size. Different countries are using different letters / alphabets – so Text constants might not be equal sized. Also in some countries the read from right to left, others countries it’s from left to right and again others, it’s from top to button – so you can see there is a lot to consider.

All in all it was an excellent conference. Well worth the Trip from Denmark to Belgium. I will defiantly be a participant next year again 😀

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