Getting the AC Ryan to index a NAS share

If your media files (movies, music and photos) is located on a NAS server the AC Ryan does not index the files. You are only able to reach them with the file manager.

So how do you get the AC Ryan to index them? Well you get it to believe that the files are stored on a local harddisk.

You can do this in two ways – either with local installed harddisk or with using an usb memory stick.

If you uses a usb memory stick – you must prepare it first:

  • Format it (FAT32 should be ok)
  • Create the folders movies, pictures and video
  • And finally insert it into the AC Ryan

Next you need to telnet to the AC Ryan (username should be root and no password).

To get the AC Ryan to mount the NAS shares you need to change the AC Ryan’s start up file – rcS.

Here you can add the calls of the mounting directly or you can does as I did – create a separate file with mount commands.

There is a advanced by having the commands in a separate file, because the upstart will then not be delayed for the AC Ryan.

To create the mountnas file you uses vi and the file should be stored /usr/local/etc.
Remember to change the correct rights (chmod +x).

//Take a break - you need to be sure the network is up and running
//Can be adjusted to lower number - but please be care full, a to low number can cause the AC Ryan to keep rebooting!

sleep 30

//Now mount the NAS share (think of it like the subst command from DOS or shortcut command from Windows)

//If you are mounting to a harddrive, you might want to use subdirectories in this case, then just add it
//[To] = /tmp/hdd/volumes/HDD1/movie, in case of a harddisk and in case of a usb stick it should be /mnt/usbmounts/sda1/Movies
//[From] = NASServer/Share ex. //MyNas/video
//mount -r -t cifs -o nolock,proto=tcp,username=[NAS username],password=[NAS password] [From] [To]

mount -r -t cifs -o nolock,proto=tcp,username=nas,password=123 //MyNas/Share /tmp/hdd/volumes/HDD1/movie

//Repeat the command per share you want to map - ex. movies, music and photos

Now that you have the mountnas file – all there is left to do is adding it to the rcS file located in /usr/local/etc.

Add the following command to rcS – please remember & at the end, this will start the mountnas as a separate mount process.

/usr/local/etc/mountnas &

Thats it – now you should be able to index the media files on the AC Ryan.

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