Can Synology DS207+ be used as a Kissdx server?

At first I thought that I have bought a too new model, because I couldn’t find a bootstrap that fits the DS207+ (only one for the DS107). But finally I found a bootstrap that works – so YES it is possible to use the Synology DS207+ as a Kissdx server 🙂

Before you can install the bootstrap, you have to enable Telnet. This is done by installing a patch, which automatically enables Telnet. The patch and install directions can be found at Synology’s.

Next you have to download the bootstrap and install it. The bootstrap can be found here:

The downloaded bootstrap has to be placed somewhere on your NAS server. Remember where you placed it, because you have to access it later through Telnet 😉

Now that you got the bootstrap you are ready to install it. This is done by accessing you NAS through Telnet.

Go into dos write telnet your-nas-ip ex. telnet

As login use root and you password.

At this point you are on the NAS server and the next step is to find the bootstrap file. Typically you would find it somewhere near the /volume1/files.

Change to the directory by using the cd command. Ex. cd /volume1/files

And then install the bootstrap by executing:

sh ds_armmarvell-bootstrap_1.0.xsh

Now we have the bootstrap installed and are ready to install the kissdx server. This is done by using the IPKG functionality.

First start by getting the newest list of possibilities by executing:

ipkg update

and if you are lucky kissdx will be on that list, and can be installed by executing:

ipkg install kissdx

If kissdx is not on the list you can install it by executing:

ipkg install table/kissdx_0.13-10a-2_arm.ipk

Now kissdx is installed. Before starting the use of kissdx, you have to change some settings. These can be found in the kissdx.conf file which is placed in the /volume1/opt/etc/kissdx.conf directory.

cd /volume1/opt/etc/kissdx.conf

vi /volume1/opt/etc/kissdx.conf (edit the file with a vi editor)

Look for the settings for audio, video and picture and adapt them to your directories.

# paths for the media files
audiopath = /volume1/your_music_folder
videopath = /volume1/your_movie_folder
picturepath = /volume1/your_picture_folder

When you are finished changing the file, simply save it and reboot your Synology. Kissdx is now running as a process on the server.

You can check that Kissdx is running by performing a ps command.

ps x | grep kissdx

Next thing to do – is to go to your Kiss, and point it to your NAS in the PC-Link setup.


  1. He,

    I try this solution, but I have 2 probleme :
    First :
    When I run “ipkg update”, I have the following erreur
    ipkg: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.3.4′ not found (required by /opt/lib/

    Second :
    When I run “/opt/bin/kissdx -d -c /opt/etc/kissdx.conf”, I have the following erreur
    /opt/bin/kissdx: /opt/bin/kissdx: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting “)”)

    Have you got a idee ?


  2. Installing kissdx works absolutely fine as described. Installing the latest beta 14 on ARM did not work ;-( Is there a how-to somewhere?

  3. Hello

    Installation works fine. I use nano (ipkg install nano) as text editor. Afterwards I tried installing the latest beta of kissdx (0.14b1a1) without success. Anyone managed to do this?
    For the record: downloaded the correct file and tried ipkg (ipkg install without success. Ipkg said version 0.13 already installed, nothing do – which wasn’t what i expected ;-(

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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