Kiss DP-558 Dead or alive?

Recently one of my colleagues experiences some problem with his Kiss player. It was and still is not possible to turn it on and in the display it only writes “KISS DVD”.

I had a similar problem for about a year ago – and I found a solution. The Kiss player is not dead 🙂 it is “only” the Power Supply (PSU) that is “broken”.

In the building days Kiss has under estimated the capacitors (ex. used 10V instead of 16V), and therefore it is often those that are broken, when having the mentioned error. All you have to do is to replace the effected capacitors.

Often it is the capacitors marked as C15, C19 and C20. Just switch them to some new ones and if you are lucky and nothing else is wrong your Kiss is working again 🙂

It is not always enough just to replace C15, C19 and C21. Sometimes you also have to replace C18, C20 and C23.

More detailed information can be found a the MPC Clubs Wiki

When buying new capacitors, then remember that in this case, higher voltages (16V instead of 10V) are very good. They will live longer.

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