What is ADO and can it be used in Navision?

ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is a Microsoft technology and is a interface to access data in a database.

So what can ADO be used for in Navision?

  • Execution of SQL Strings (Scripts og Stored Procedures)
  • Creating data in a Queue table
  • Creating views
  • etc….

Essentially it all comes down to execute SQL Scripts / SP – and when you can do that, nothing is impossible 😉

So where could it be usefully to use? I have been using it for big calculations, where I didn’t want to build at specific key with Sum indexes. This is generally because of performance. If the calculated numbers is only used once in a while, and the table contains a lot of records, the performance costs for keys are too high. Also my experience tells me, that executing SQL Scripts / SP is faster the using CalcFields & Flowfields in Navision.

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