RoleTailored Client – Where is the Default Page?

Have you also been wondering about which page are the default page, where to set it up and what to do if a user should have a different page.

Well… it is actually pretty easy 🙂

1) What is the default page? The default page is usually page 9006 “Order Processor Role Center”.

So how did I find it out? Well I think like a developer – so why use forms, when you can go straight into tables 😉

In table 2000000072 Profile you can locate the different profiles. Each profile has a startup Page attached. Furthermore you can also locate a field called “Default Role Center”. All you now have to do is set a filter on this field and viola you have discovered the default page.

Btw. the correct way would properly be Administration -> Application Setup -> RoleTailored Client -> Profiles

2) Where do I set it up?

Well haven’t I already answered it??? If not – all I have to say is Profiles….

3) How to give a user a different start up page? Use Profiles and “User Personalization”

Ok – I have in 1) already described Profiles – so before going into “User Personalization” be sure, that you have defined a new (or reused) a user specific profile. 

Next go into “User Personalization” and attach a profile to your user by filling “Profile ID” – that’s all, now has the specific user a new start up page.

Where to find “User Personalization”? Go into either table 2000000073 “User Personalization” or the clean way 😉 Administration -> Application Setup -> RoleTailored Client -> User Personalization

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