Internal Error 1247 in module 19

I did meet this error for the first time several years ago. Today some of my colleagues saw the message for the first time and did not know what to do about it.

Internal Error 1247 in module 19 is equal to #Err_DB_NewWTAMissing DB_Err(1247), where WTA is short for Write TransAction.

This error can occur if two or more users run into a deadlock. The first user, that run into the deadlock will recieve this message and will, by clicking ok to the window message, cancel his transaction (The Navision Client will Crash). The second user will thereby not notice there has been a deadlock and will therefor continue his transaction.

This again means, that it will be difficult to find the area where the deadlock has occured.

So what to do? If you can recreate the deadlock – then its great, because this mean that you can do something against it 🙂

All you have to do – is looking through the code and remove possible deadlock situations.

One way to do, this could be using the Client Monitor, it can predict possible deadlocks in the C/AL code.

A second way, if you are using sql, would be using the sql profiler. It can log your steps, which could help you pin point where there might be a issue.

If you have pin pointed the area where the deadlocks can occur, that you have to go through you code. A good idea could also be to optimize indexes and sift’s on the tables.

Good luck with your deadlock search!


  1. I just found out, that the Navision 5 SP1 client also has this been having this error sporadic, with no trace off why this error did occur. This is an error in the client!

    Microsoft has put out and unofficial patch for this error. So if you are running Navision 5 SP1 and are getting this error, then try taking contact to Microsoft. Maybe your error could be solved by this Patch.

  2. It should be a problem in the Native Database. SQL Databases should be safe from this exact error message.

    There is a hotfix for NAV 4.0 Clients with this problem (PartnerSource: KB948824). Recently a new Hotfix for NAV 5.01 have been released that replaces (among several others KB’s) the KB948824. The new 5.01 Hotfix is located at PartnerSource: KB956161. Perhaps this one solves the problem for 5.01?

  3. Ok – I just knew about KB954722, which also is located at Partner Source. This should be a Hotfix for 5.01, but who knows maybe KB956161 is a better one 🙂

    It is in a SQL Database, where this did occur and therefore I also turned to PartnerSource 😉

    This is actually an old error from the “old” days with Financials and Native Databases, so I did wonder why it suddently could occur again with Nav 5.01 and a SQL Server 2005, therefore I did search Mibuso and PartnerSource for this error 😉

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