Prevent Copy in Navision

Did you know that it is possible to prevent copy in Navision 🙂

Some times, you want to be sure that the users do not use the Copy functionality in Navision. So how do you do that?

I guess all of you know, that you can overrule the CTRL+C & CTRL+V by defining hidden buttons/menu items with CTRL+C/V as a Short Cut. But what about the use of the top menu Edit -> Copy?

Most people will say you can’t overrule this – but thats not true!

Its actually pretty simple, first you know how to do it. All you have to do is add a second Table Box with the property Visible set to false. Now copy will not work 🙂

This fix though only prevent copy in forms where a second table box has been applied. So unfortunately this is not a general solution for the entire Navision Database – unless you want to change every form.

If you wishes to prevent Copy for the entire Navision Database (Client) and don’t want to change every form that exists, you will have to use a external program.

As example could be if your users are connecting to the database through a Remote Desktop (RDC) session. Here you can disable the transfer of Clipboard information from the Server to the Client by adding a new value to the Clients registry:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\
DisableDriveRedirection REG_DWORD 1
DisableClipboardRedirection REG_DWORD 1

These changes will prevent the transfer of Clipboard information to the Client.

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