Hey… where are my menu items?

Today I had a funny error – my menu items in the navigation pane did disappear if I made shortcuts to them.

Therefore I did some testing and here is what a figured out:

    1. Open a fresh client
    2. Add shortcuts to a menu item or a menu group
    3. Check shortcuts – they were created fine

  1. Check menu items – they are also still here
  2. Now close the client
  3. Open a fresh client
  4. Check shortcuts – they are still there
  5. Check menu items and they are now disappeared…  huh what happenend here???

If I now want to restore the missing menu item – I unfortunately has to clear the users record in “User Menu Level”. Not a ideal situation!

So what to do? Don’t bother looking into you code; it is not a code error. After some searching I did find out that this a known error Navision.

This error affects NAV 2009 and NAV 5.0 SP1 and you can get a hot fix from Microsoft. Just locate the article with id. 970545 – here the problem is described and you will also be able to get a hot fix.

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