How to update TLBB 1.1

The Little Black Box comes in several versions, here we will look into how to update the version 1.1

You have 2 ways of updating TLBB.

  • Over the Air (OTA)
  • Manual via USB


  1. Go to Programs -> TLBB Update Service.
  2. Choose Check for updates now or if you prefeer Manually upgrade firmware.

Manual via USB

  1. Download the firmware you want to install from the cloud
  2. Copy the downloaded zip to a USB pen drive formatted to FAT32
  3. Plug it into your TLBB
  4. Go to Programs -> TLBB Update Service.
  5. Choose Reboot Recovery and answer Yes to the question
  6. Choose apply update -> udisk -> and choose the file
  7. When installation is done then reboot TLBB

After rebooting, addons, skins etc. will be updated automatically in the background – therefore I will suggest that you wait about 2 – 5 minutes before using it.

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