Navision Report layout in Word

From NAV 2015 and on it is possible to handle the report layout in word.
Let’s look how you do it in NAV 2016.

First create a new report and add the needed dataitems. As an example, we want to create a customer list with addresses.

Save report and we are ready for start adding the layout.

First we have to create and empty layout (Tools -> Word Layout -> New)

and afterwards export it (Tools -> Word Layout -> Export), so that we can edit it in word.

Open the exported document in Word and you will see a blank page

To be able to add the fields from Navision, you have to enable the Developer Tab (or Udvikler, since my Word is Danish).
In the Developer Tab you then click on the XML Mapping Pane (XML- tilknytningsrude) and a sidebar will open.
Here you chose the XML mapping that belongs to your report. (The name of the report is part of the mapping name)
Now you can see your dataitems/fields defined in the report and can now add them to the report.
A tip is to use a table, and then added the repeater (Customer) around it, then it will create one line per customer like in the good old reports.

Now save the word document and go back to the developer client and import the layout into the report.

Save and close the report.

Now the layout is save in the report and we are almost ready to use it from within the client.

Before we are able to use it, we have to let navision know that the reports layout are a Word layout.

Open the client and search for Custom Report Layout.

Here you add a new entry for your report, stating that is uses Word.

From here you can also run the report and modify the layout if its needs some adjustments.

I have in some cases seen, that they layout was not correct stored from the Developer client, in that case edit the layout from here.

That’s it, now you can use the report together with word.

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