A Tip from the old box – installing a localized Navision version on an English SBS Server

Recently I have been implemented a Danish version of Dynamics Navision 2009 SP1 on an English SBS server and there I meet an old “friend”.

The old “friend” was a problem with the Danish letter Ø. The letter was displayed as Ȼ which is not the right sign (actually the data was also corrupt 🙁 ). At first side everything looked fine in the regional settings and the language was set to Danish – but then I looked on the Advance page and voilá there we had the answer. Code Page 850 was not selected.

After a selection of the code page and a reboot of the server, the letter Ø was now displayed correctly. Yeah!

This did though not solve all my problems. Unfortunately the data was been corrupted, due to the wrong code page. Luckily this was a new installation of Navision, so all I had to do was restore my locally build database again.

This was a new installation of Navision and not an Upgrade. If this had not been the case, it would have been necessary to correct the data “manually”. DOH! Not an ideal situation.

This time I was Lucky – next time I might not be so lucky. So in the future, I will personally check the regional settings before restoring the database.

So – always remember to check the regional settings, before you are restoring a localized Navision Database. You might else run into the same problems as I did.

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